Prince Charles

2011 / furniture design / detail planning bar
Prince Charles Club / Prinzenstr.85 F / 10969 Berlin

“Prince Charles Bar Berlin” is located in the housing complex “Aufbauhaus” close to Moritzplatz, Kreuzberg, Berlin. (Architects: Clarke und Kuhn) Most parts of the the whole multi-level house are new, other are still ancient building. In all floors are different creative companies and workshops housed. At the ground floor there is a vintage swimming pool area, which is now the location of the “Prince Charles Bar, Berlin”.
The main task was, to integrate the old tiled pool into a modern bar concept. Inside the basin the cubic main bar, and area of mixologists is located – along the basin edging customers are served. To align the different floor levels and to create a reasonable working hight for staff, a new leveled platform heightens the bottom inside the basin. A simple wooden construction is added on the pool edging and becomes a stepped bar element, where customers can order on the higher and sit on the lower level. There are also flexible, designed speedrails and stock for glasses positioned. A second new bar element with ancient pool tiles devides the staff area from the customers area. One further task was to combine second hand bar elements, out of an insolvency disposal with additional new constructive elements, suitable to the low budget.